FlexCls Express

FlexCls Express 1.4.38

Analyze file types stored on your hard drive


  • Support for plug-ins
  • Results can be exported


  • Can't save analysis results on disk

Very good

FlexCls Express analyzes your hard drive (or any other folder you select) and displays its contents categorized by file type: multimedia, executables, archives and so on.

This analysis enables you to monitor the way disk storage is distributed into different kinds of data and also track what kind of files you're wasting most space in. Plus, you can download some plug-ins that extend the program's functionality, providing you with the possibility to categorize files by size or time created.

The results of the analysis can be exported to several different formats (CSV, HTML, TXT) but they can't be saved on your hard drive.

With FlexCls Express you'll know exactly what kind of files are the most popular and take the most space in your hard drive.

Today's information intensive world produces an enormous amount of new pieces of information every day. Files, documents and reports flood our computers and at some point in time each one of us starts to lose an understanding where and what is located in hundreds of thousands of files on our personal computers. Moreover, enterprises have to deal with even a more complicated problem of taking control of piles of information produced each and every business day. Information classification is not a new problem, but at this stage there are very few solutions that may be used in a commercially justified way.

Flexense develops and distributes a unique file classification and categorization solution, which is capable of solving the information overloading problem in an innovative way. FlexCls is a file system classification and categorization tool. FlexCls is capable of scanning huge file systems distributed over numerous disk drives and storage devices and containing millions files. The tool allows one to categorize files by file type, size, access times, etc. and export storage visualization and classification reports into a number of standard formats such as HTML, Excel CSV and ASCII text.

FlexCls Express


FlexCls Express 1.4.38

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